Shakeology Alternative – Why You Should Reconsider

chocolate Shakeology

I understand when people discover Shakeology, it is natural to want to find something already on the market that could serve as an alternative. I understand because I did the same thing just out of curiosity. I have never been one to take vitamins/supplements in pill form on a daily basis. It was never something I could remember doing.

I tried taking a multivitamin in shake form before (from a popular nutrition store) but it was so awful tasting, I ended up giving it away. When I learned about Shakeology, I was excited to try it out. Needless to say, I was impressed with everything form the ingredients to the taste. Yet, I still went on my search of a Shakeology alternative.

I visited a couple of popular vitamin/supplement stores in my area. I asked the store clerks about their meal replacement shakes and explained what I was looking for in terms of ingredients. The products they showed me just couldn't compete. They would show me meal replacement shakes that had very little vitamins, no protein, and contained either sugar or sugar substitute. The other option were protein shakes. Except these lacked in vitamins and contained sugar or sugar substitutes. None of the products contained any antioxidants.

If I was going to come close to an alternative, I would have to mix and match so many products, it was pointless. After doing some shopping around, I am happy with what I get in Shakeology. A lot of people search for an equivalent because they are concerned about price.

However, after breaking down the cost of a month's supply, it averages out to about $3 - $4 a shake. If you become a Beachbody Coach, you can get 25% off and make money from reselling it. If you are one of those people looking for a Shakeology alternative - it is time to reconsider. Check out the ingredients list and learn about discounts on my Beachbody products page.

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